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Listed here we have placed several art competition sites that provide art marketing and have been promoting artist online. Please feel free to take a look and visit these sites and enter your art for cash contests, grants, exhibit participants, and art marketing opportunities. Entering competitions is excellent for artist promotion. If you manage to win, not only will you earn some attention for your art, but having the award under your belt can help you start building a reputation as a great artist. Even if you do not win the competition, entering can still help with marketing your art, as many competitions will show off some runner-ups, honorable mentions, or recently submitted entries.

In these listed contest sites you can meet emerging artist, professional artists, and industry pros like gallery owners and agents. Making these contacts is extremely important. They can keep you in the loop about new opportunities, like which art galleries are looking for submissions and help you in marketing your art. Whether it is sharing your art show on their social feeds or suggesting popular artists you could collaborate with.

April 7, 2020

2020 Art Marketing

Promote Your Art with a Strong Internet Presence

Artists' and photographers'

In most of these listed contest web sites art work that are selected for cash and art marketing prizes or are selected to be included in an art exhibition receive marketing benefits. Their work and accomplishments are marketed to a vast audience worldwide. This audience has been developed over the past fourteen years and is comprised of art buyers, collectors, architects, commercial property developers, interior designers, curators, art galleries, and art lovers. The global marketing and promotional exposure reaches a vast array of venues. The following is a list of benefits for artists and photographers who enter these competitions:

Social Media

How would you like your art work to be presented to 477,000 people worldwide through art groups on social media platforms.

Gallery Exhibits

These listed site services are able to present artists' works and gallery exhibits to over 26,000 viewers internationally in social media listings.

Fine Art Websites

The selected artists and their works are marketed on Fine Art websites and direct email promotion to over 117,000 art lovers and collectors.

International Artist Directory

Artists are included and promoted in the International Artist Directory with a distribution of 15,000 members in the international art marketplace.

Marketing Campaign

An extensive social network marketing campaign is executed for each exhibit via Google Plus, LinkedIn, TalkArt, Delicious, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. This campaign creates more traffic, exposure, and back links to the artist's online exhibit and their personal website.

Gallery 25N Marketing

Artists selected for exhibition and grant at Gallery 25N will be promoted to the galleries with email to a mailing list clientele of 22,000. This clientele was developed from our brick and mortar, as well as online galleries. The list consists of art buyers, cooperated art mangers, gallery owners, exhibit curators, interior designers, architects, and patrons of the artists. Their work will remain on the site with a direct link back to their personal website for additional exposure. Each exhibit artist's work will be retained on the gallery website in the Previous Exhibits Section for additional and ongoing exposure.

Direct Communications with Buyers

Artists are able to not only gain art gallery experience, but can add to and develop their bios and art resumes. This will assist the artist in selling and receiving commissions of their artwork and in developing a successful art career.

2020 Contests

Recommended secure contest that are highly trusted and respected

Art Calls

International listings of on-line competitions open to all artists.

Art Event Listings

On-line competition listings for all visual artists.

Photo Contests

Photography contest listed on the Internet for all photographers.

Art Contests

Art contests on-line designed for artists that promote their work online.


International fine art on-line competitions open to all visual artists.


Student art competitions online open to all student artists looking for exposure.

Photo Contest

International photography competition open to all photographers.

Body Art Contests

Internet body art contests opened to clean visual artists.

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